Suggested Routes

The beauty of the Coastal Trail is that routes can be adapted to vary how you explore the Highlights. From a quick stroll, to a family outing on the Tankerton Slopes, to an extended walk via a pub or circular running route. Below are two convenient circular walks extending either side of Whitstable Harbour.

The Main Loop (5.25Km): This route starts in the harbour at Highlight 3 and heads east to Highlight 1; Long Rock. There are plenty of footpaths on the way which take you up to the top of the slopes where you can connect with the higher section of the path should you wish to shorten the route.

At Highlight 1, there is the option to add a fully accessible ‘there and back’ or full loop around the beautiful marshland. From Highlight 1, take the high path returning on the Tankerton Slopes to the harbour.

Long Rock, Highlight 1, offers beautiful marshes and coastal views
Highlight 8: The beach route runs parallel to the accessible option along Island Wall

The Western Walk (from 2.5Km): Starting in the harbour at Highlight 3, head west and explore West Quay (Highlight 4) and pass the beaches with views across The Swale. From Highlight 6, continue along the beach to Highlight 8.

A fully accessible route takes you along historic streets at Island Wall and down to Highlights 7 and 8. Alternatively, at Highlights 7 and 8, the route can be continued inland along accessible public footpaths and roads that return to Whitstable via an elevated path with stunning views before coming back to the harbour via the town’s high street.