Whitstable Maritime

Celebrating our Coastal Communities

Whitstable Maritime was formed at a meeting of like-minded local people in the Horsebridge towards the end of 2014. It was registered as both a Charity (No. 1171563) and a Company Listed by Guarantee (No. 09017635).

Since then the Charity has focussed on four related objectives:

  • celebrating Whitstable’s maritime heritage
  • supporting the town’s coastal economic development
  • addressing marine environment issues
  • encouraging well-being

An early decision was to rescue the Gamecock but it was not until 2016 that the Board decided to undertake a restoration that met the criteria for a National Historic Ship (No. 2858).

Prior to the pandemic, for three successive years, the Charity managed a Harbour & Boat Show involving over 200 Volunteers. Attendance grew from 3,000 to over 10,000.

During the pandemic, the Charity published its popular Coastal Trail guide.

Whitstable Maritime

The Next Five Years

Having a strong Partnership has enabled us to make considerable progress since the pandemic so in the nest five years we expect to achieve the following.

  • a sail training programme offering Excitement, Self-reliance, Challenge, Responsibility, Leadership and Team Work;
  • annual customised sail training programmes for Partners and local community groups;
  • interactive, artistic and educational interpretations of our coastline and marine life, including threats to its ecology;
  • support for sustainable enterprises including the use of wind-power and traditional crafts;
  • a tourist attraction offering ‘experience’ and ‘heritage’.

Whitstable Maritime Partnership 2023

We are grateful to our partners for their support in fair winds and calms.

Alan Staley Boatbuilders: for expert advice and Gamecock’s mast
Barton Marine Equipment: for marine supplies
Brett Aggregates: for use of East Quay
Canterbury City Council Harbour Board: for South Quay site and berth
Canterbury Brewers & Distillers: for creating a new Gamecock product
Fairly Marvellous: for technical support with our website
Goldfinch Trust: for financial assistance with restoring Gamecock
Icom UK Ltd: for marine radio and navigational equipment
Iron Wharf Boatyard: for providing a winter mud-berth
Juton Paints: for the supply of marine paints
National Historic Ships UK: for advice, publicity and support
Port of London Authority: for materials and technical support
SEAG8: for assistance with a marine engine
Shepherd Neame: for an annual donation
Tiller & Wheel: for joint sail-training programme
Timber Tasks: for sourcing specialist timber
Toby Ward: for services as Artist-in-Residence
Whitstable Improvement Trust: for purchase of timber
Whitstable Marine: for chandlery services
Whitstable Oyster Company: for acting as financier of last resort
Whitstable Photographic Company: for photography and photo-products
Wilkinson Sails: for technical advice and manufacture of sails

The Gamecock Restoration - A Second Life

How many of us have the opportunity of extending our working life by 60/80 years?

Whitstable Coastal Trail

A unique 5km trail exploring Whitstable’s heritage and coastline.