Whitstable Maritime

Celebrating our Coastal Communities

Whitstable Maritime was formed in 2014 and registered as a Charity (1171563) and a Company Listed by Guarantee (09017635) in 2015.

Activities have focussed on four inter-related outcomes: celebrating Whitstable’s maritime heritage (including restoration of the last Whitstable Oyster Yawl built on Island Wall); supporting the town’s coastal economic development (including an annual Harbour & Boat Show); addressing marine environment issues; and encouraging well-being (including a 5K Coastal Trail).

Whitstable Maritime


July 2024

Have you noticed the vigorous growth of plants on the stable part of Whitstable’s shingle beach? Perhaps future editions of this on-line magazine could explore which species are taking hold and why. We could also examine the work of CCC in monitoring the effect of long-shore drift on the beach profile. Then there is the contrast between our coastal erosion and the deposition of material further up the Swale, leading to the salt marshes. We would welcome contributions from our readers on any of these topics.

Meantime, we have expanded the page on Gamecock’s restoration to embrace other aspects of our local Maritime Heritage. While in the News and Events section we announce the launch of the Gamecock Premium Rum and the opportunity to view a lively painting of Gamecock by our professional Marine Artist. Both of these latter activities will help fund Gamecock’s restoration, thanks to Jon and Kevin’s generosity. While our hard-working Chair has recently announced successes with grant applications including the recent UK/CCC grant ‘Pride in Place’ which you will also find in the same section. These income streams are important as the Charity enjoys a good reputation and has a loyal following but these assets do not easily translate in to funding.

Thanks to the efforts of our Volunteers the Charity’s Coastal Trail is now self-funding and is proving to be even more popular with residents and visitors. So, download your free copy from here. Or, find one of the printed copies available in a number of eateries in the town. Enjoy the walk and please help keep the beach and sea free of litter.


Whitstable Maritime Partnership 2024

We are grateful to our partners for their support in fair winds and calms.

The Gamecock Restoration - A Second Life

How many of us have the opportunity of extending our working life by 60/80 years?

Whitstable Coastal Trail

A unique 5km trail exploring Whitstable’s heritage and coastline.