Marine Environment Matters

Understanding our surroundings

This section of the website is intended to become a resource bank on any aspect of our local marine environment. Hopefully it will be of value to any one of any age wishing to better understand their surroundings as well as becoming a resource for teachers. When the number of items increases we shall introduce a simple search function. We welcome contributions to this section and will always acknowledge the source.

Photograph: Max Renton, Adonis Blue. 

Dredging for Cockles

The cockle boats are easy to spot in the Harbour because they are painted a distinctive blue and carry a large hoover on deck that runs the length of the craft.


Know your birds

If you are unable to distinguish between a Shag and an Egret you may find the following observation guides helpful.

The stern post

Metal fixtures or trunnels?

You are probably aware that we are using trunnels (wooden pegs and modern glues) on Gamecock rather than metal fixings, but do you know why? There are two good reasons, both relating to the environment.