Coastal Trail - 8 Key Highlights

Harbour Trail

The Coastal Trail will help you explore and discover Whitstable and Tankerton’s coastline via 8 highlights. Due to its proximity to Gorrell Tank car park (just behind the Harbour), it is recommended to enter the Trail here, at Highlight 3.

Set out on each page below is some key information to help you explore and discover each Highlight for yourself.

Long Rock

1. Long Rock

Nature is Key - an SSSI
The Street

2. The Street

An Interesting Puzzle
The Harbour

3. The Harbour and Crab & Winkle

The Heart of Whitstable
West Quay

4. West Quay

An Important Extension

5. Horsebridge, Whitstable Oyster Company and Keam’s Yard

A Core Industry
Shipwrights Lee

6. Shipwrights Lee

Stay Afloat or Sink
Old Haven Inlet

7. Old Haven Inlet

Salt and Smuggling

8. Railway Footbridge

Defence of the Realm